Friday, January 02, 2009


Trying to get a bit more character into my drawings. These are suppose to be two wise and world-weary fashionistas.


Kali said...

Hey Edward! I definitely like the character in these ladies, they have interesting angles going on. :) Thanks for your kind words. I've actually been thinking of making a timelapse video or something of my process sometime, we'll see.....I used to draw everything out then ink it and scan it in, but I've gotten accustomed to just doing everything on a computer. (that's what I did with that "5" piece.)

And Tintin is great. I've never thought of my work as being similar to Herge's, but it's definitely a compliment to me! :)

Easy Zee said...

Great expressions on these women. Very nice fluid line and composition too. Their character is very clear. I hate these high society snobs already...

...but love the drawing!